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Public offer

“BUY AM” CJSC, being the operator/owner of the internet-platform through the website, as well as through the mobile application, offers and/or carries out the sale of goods addressed to an indefinite circle of persons. This Offer regulates the conditions and procedure for the purchase of goods.

1. Basic concepts
1.1. Company – “BUY AM” Closed Joint-Stock Company.
1.2. Platform – a platform under the brand name “” (including a website with the domain name and a mobile application “”), which is an E-commerce tool operated and maintained by the Company on the basis of ownership or other rights, allowing to place orders on the Internet, present goods, trade and perform other related operations.
1.3. Goods – products (including medicines) for sale and services currently available on the Platform.
1.4. Medicines – a product of human and (or) animal and (or) vegetable and (or) chemical and (or) biotechnological origin, which has medicinal and (or) immunological and (or) metabolic activity, in the appropriate dose and dosage form, in required packaging and labeling, which is intended for use for the purpose of treating, preventing diseases in humans and animals and (or) for changing, restoring, regulating the physiological functions of the body or is introduced into the human or animal body for the diagnosis of a disease.
1.5. Client – any individual or legal entity registered on the Company's Platform or wishing to place an Order through the Platform.
1.6. User – legal entity or individual entrepreneur cooperating with the Company and carrying out electronic commerce through the Platform, Goods of which are presented on the Platform.
1.7. Pharmacy – legal entity or - individual entrepreneur licensed for carrying out pharmaceutical activity and being a User of the Platform.
1.8. Courier – person providing delivery services to the Client.
1.9. Order – order sent by the Client through the Platform or by phone.

2. General provisions
2.1. By registering on this Platform and/or ordering Goods, the Client accepts this Offer and agrees to the terms of sale of the Goods.
2.2. The Client agrees to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy published on the Company's Platform.
2.3. In the event that the Client registers on the Company's website, fills out an application for the Order or registers the Order by phone, she/he provides the Company with and/or makes available to Users personal data described in the Privacy Policy.
2.4. If the Client provides any false, inaccurate or incomplete information, or if the Company has good reason to doubt the truthfulness, accuracy or completeness of this information, the Company may restrict the Client further access to the Platform and/or refuse to provide the Services.
2.5. When registering on the Platform, the Client chooses a login and password that are strictly confidential and cannot be transferred by the Client to third parties. In order to increase the security of accounts, the Company recommends do not use the same login data on other platforms.
2.6. If the Client's login data is stolen, published, lost or forgotten by the Client, the Client is obliged to immediately notify the Company by e-mail or telephone to block the account or reset the password. In case of account blocking, in order to use the Platform, the Client must re-register on the Platform.
2.7. If the payment card attached by the Client is stolen and/or fraudulently used by a third party, the Client must immediately notify the Company about it, alongside with taking other appropriate measures (informing the bank, servicing the card, and the police).
2.8. The Client ordering alcoholic drinks must be of legal age prescribed by law. The Company has the right to reject the alcohol Order if there is no evidence that the Client is over 18 years old.
2.9. This clause will equally apply to any Goods ordered by the Client, if the legislation of the Republic of Armenia provides for age or other restrictions on the purchase of the Goods.

3. Orders placement procedure and execution conditions
3.1. The Client chooses the Goods before placing the Order.
3.2. Before placing an Order on the Platform, the Client places the Goods of their choice in the basket and, until the Order is confirmed, is able to change, increase or decrease the type and quantity of the Goods.
3.3. When placing an Order, the Client undertakes to provide reliable required information, including the correct delivery address.
3.4. The Client can contact the Call center / support service of the Company to resolve any issues that may arise in the process of Order placement.
3.5. The Client has the right to cancel the Order only with the consent of the User:
- in case of ordering food before the start of the cooking process,
- in case of other Goods, before the Courier collects them from the User.
3.6. The Client , after placing the Order, has the right to change, increase or decrease the type and quantity of the Goods only with the consent of the User.
3.7. The Company immediately transfers the Order to the relevant User, unless otherwise specified in this Offer. If for any reason it is impossible to organize delivery, the Company informs the Client about it as soon as possible.
3.8. After the transfer of an Order to the User, the delivery of the Goods is organized by the Courier on the basis of the Order and the Client data received through the Platform.
3.9. Deliveries are carried out on the territory of the Republic of Armenia on the terms determined in the list presented on the Platform.
3.10. Upon receipt of the Goods, the Client is obliged to check the conformity of the received Goods (assortment, quantity, outer packaging, quality, etc.) in the presence of the Courier.
3.11. In the absence of the Client at the address indicated by them, the Courier can leave after waiting 10 minutes. In this case, as in the case of non-delivery due to incorrect indication of the address by the Client, the Company is released from liability, and the Client is obliged to pay for both the current delivery and the one made to a new address.
3.12. The Client has the right to demand the return or replacement of low-quality Goods in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. In case of non-replacement of the Goods, the Client has the right to be reimbursed the amount paid.
3.13. If a warranty period is established for the Goods, the Client has the right to make claims related to defects in the Goods if the defects were discovered during the warranty period.
3.14. The Client wishing to present the requirements set forth in clauses 3.12, 3.13 of the Offer must contact the Company's Call center in order to receive instructions.

4. Special conditions governing the Order and delivery of medicines
4.1. Registration and delivery of medicines Orders is carried out exclusively by the Pharmacy through the “Pharmacy” section of the Platform managed by the latter.
4.2. The Pharmacy is obliged to comply with the requirements of the RA legislation.
4.3. The Company is not responsible for the use, quantity and/or condition of the Medicines ordered by the “Pharmacy” section, as well as for the compliance of the Pharmacy with the RA legislation.

5. Payments
5.1. The price of the Goods is indicated in AMD and includes all taxes stipulated by the legislation of the RA. For the convenience and, at the request of the Client, the price of the goods can be expressed in parallel with AMD in another currency, calculated at the exchange rate published by the Central Bank of Armenia.
5.2. The Client pays for the Goods online or in cash in AMD.
5.3. The price of the Goods does not include delivery charges.
5.4. The Client pays for delivery services at the time of payment for the Goods.
5.5. The Client is obliged to pay for the Orders the entire amount formed for the Orders and visible to the Client.. In case of an online payment the Order will not be confirmed until the full amount is paid.
5.6. By choosing the non-cash payment option, the Client confirms that he/she is aware of complies with the rules of third-party banks or payment and settlement organizations, that he/she has no objections and/or claims against the Company regarding the terms and conditions set by the latter.
5.7. In case of cancellation of the Order or return of the Goods, the Company or the respective User responsible for the range, quantity or quality of the Goods is obliged to return the amount paid within 15 days.

6. Liability
6.1. The Parties are liable for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
6.2. In the cases provided for in clauses 2.8 and 2.9 of this Offer, the Company is not liable for the use of the Client's identity, as well as for the use of an account registered on behalf of third parties.
6.3. The Company is not liable for the accuracy, reliability or consequences of the information provided by the Client.
6.4. The Company is liable for any obligations incurred by the Client and the User, the Client and the Courier, the Courier and the User, only insofar as it relates to the maintenance of the Platform, placing and transfer of the Order, unless otherwise provided in this Offer.
6.5. The User and/or Courier are responsible for the quality, quantity, freshness of the Goods, as well as other quality features, as well as for the serviceability of the Delivery Service.

7. Force majeure
7.1. The Parties are hereby exempted from liability for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this Offer if it arose as a result of force majeure circumstances, including but not limited to: fire, flood, earthquake, actions or inaction of state bodies (in particular, restriction of foreign exchange transactions), as a result of hostilities, if these circumstances directly affected the implementation of this Offer. Upon the occurrence of the above circumstances, the fulfillment of obligations is postponed for the period during which these circumstances came into force.
7.2. The party that is unable to fulfill its obligations due to force majeure circumstances is obliged to notify the other party in writing within 5 business days of the occurrence and/or termination of circumstances that prevent it from fulfilling its obligations. The facts stated by the relevant party in its above notice must be confirmed by the competent authority.

8. Dispute resolution
8.1. All disputes, disagreements and claims arising in connection with this Offer, including those related to its execution, violation, termination or invalidity, shall be resolved through consultations between the parties, in case of non-fulfillment of which, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, in the competent courts of the Republic Armenia.
8.2. Applications/complaints addressed by the Client to the Company or Users or to the Curier may be submitted:
- verbally by calling the Company's Call center via phone number: +374 11 311 111,
- in writing, by writing to e-mail [email protected] or to the mail of the Company.
8.3. The Company will use its own funds to organize the submission of the Client's application/complaint to the required addressee.

9. Final provisions
9.1. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally at any time make changes or additions to the Offer, of which the Client will be notified through the Company's website. In this case, the Company encourages the Client to make sure that the changes are acceptable to them before placing the Order.
9.2. Changes are considered accepted from the moment the Clients place an Order through the Platform at the time the changes are made.
9.3. The Client hereby unconditionally acknowledges that in the event of any discrepancies between the versions, the last published version of the Offer will prevail.
9.4. The Company has the right, without the consent of the Client, to transfer all or part of its rights under the Offer accepted by the Client, or to impose its obligations on another person.
9.5. The Client does not have the right to transfer their rights and obligations to a third party without the consent of the Company.
9.6. If any provision of the Offer is declared invalid or non-existent, the remaining provisions will not be changed and will remain in force.
9.7. The Offer is in Armenian, but may be translated and published in other languages. In the event of any discrepancy between the Armenian and other language versions, the Armenian version shall prevail.